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Travel Bloggers Weigh in: How to Never Miss a Flight

Nothing brings a highly-enjoyable trip back down to Earth like missing a flight. There’s the stress of arriving with minutes to spare, the heart-pounding rush to the gate, then the sinking feeling you get as your plane soars away – leaving you stuck with delays, scrambled plans and possible extra costs.


But, while missed flights may happen, they don’t have to happen to you. To find out how to avoid this annoying scenario, we asked some of the people who know best: travel bloggers who’ve spent their fair share of time in the sky. Below, you’ll find tips from the savvy travel bloggers on how to make it to your flight on time, every time.


  1. Know how to get through security faster


Have your hand luggage packed strategically: put anything you know you’ll need to get out on top. So, laptop, toiletries of the right size in the right…

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