Caribbean Islands is one of the world’s best breathtaking places you must visit for leisure, official or any ordinary trip. The islands boasts of the most unique flora and fauna that will leave you wanting to visit the islands many times, some of these islands include the following Top 5 places to visit in Caribbean Island; sites

1. BERMUDA: Bermuda is a beautiful island dotted with pink sandy beaches and blue waters. This island found just less than 2 hours from US airports that are to the south. It has great historical sites that dates back to 16th century. It has the best weather which is warm mostly throughout the year. The people of Bermuda are warm and friendly, you will enjoy the stay with them and learn their culture. The architecture of Bermuda is very attractive a blend of Spanish and African heritage.

BERMUDA island

BERMUDA island

2. BAHAMAS: This is another top 5 places to visit in Caribbean Island, it is a hotbed for tourists because of its charming natural beauty. Tourists who love nature have variety of sites and places to sample from 700 islands found in Bahamas. It has beautiful beaches, clean waters where you can do fishing. This island is quite and is good for relaxing and also doing functions such as weddings, honeymoons among others. You can also engage yourself in bird watching, boat sailing and hiking.


3. TURKS AND CAIOS: This is islands are the secret of the islands found in the Caribbean because of its unique features. It has various world class restaurants and hotels, their beaches are rich with coral reefs. The terrain here is lush with green vegetation and others are sandy. It has the best cuisine both native and international. It has one of the most popular diving spot called Smith’s Reef is found in the Provo area.



4. THE CAYMAN ISLAND: It is among top 5 places to visit in Caribbean Island comprises of three main islands; Little Cayman, Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac. They are found just the beginning of the Caribbean islands, it is popular for family visits as you will sample the amazing sandy beaches. This Caribbean Island is found in the mountainous ranges between Cuba and Belize. The island has a good tropical weather. Snorkeling and diving are popular sports in the islands.


5. ST.MARTIN: It is a 37 square miles area island which is among the top 5 places to visit in Caribbean Island, the island is full of casinos and several five star hotels and restaurants. The island is situated in a strategic location which is easily accessible as an airport is just next to the beach. The St. Martin Island belongs to the French and it is a friendly island, where you can enjoy your vacation. It has luxury sandy beaches, there are also eateries where you can sample delicacies such as turtle meat, dried fish, sea foods and coconut drinks.
The above top 5 places to visit in Caribbean Island are the most popular and frequently visited islands of the world as they less costly for one to make a trip to one of these islands. You can travel to the islands from America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. The destinations of your choice are found in various websites and you can do your bookings and make a worthy wonderful visit to the Caribbean Island.

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