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Top 14 Spots to View the Manhattan Skyline

Among the many reasons to love New York City, the magnificent skyline is high up there. Skewered with grandiose buildings that are plotted in the center and perimeter of Manhattan, the view here is enough to take your breath away (and have you reaching for your phone to snap countless photos). Plus, because the Big Apple’s core is surrounded by water, there are plenty of fantastic ways to witness the skyline without having to venture too far from the city. From parks and rooftops to subway and bridges, here are 14 spots that offer stellar front-row seats to one of the best city skylines in the world.


Brooklyn Bridge Park


First time coming here nice place to sit and think about life 🙏🏼 #TrackOrDieNyc

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Photo courtesy of mr_gonz


If you think the views you spotted while walking across the Brooklyn Bridge from lower Manhattan to Brooklyn were amazing, wait until you see them from Brooklyn Bridge Park. Here, you can lounge on the grass alongside…

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