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The Top U.S. Airports, According to Travelers

Whether you’re arriving, departing or waiting out a layover, your time at the airport can sometimes make or break a trip. As frequent travelers know, a bad airport experience can be a real headache… and a great one can leave you soaring high for the rest of your journey.


So how do you know which U.S. airports are truly first-class? To find out, we surveyed 114,000 savvy TripAdvisor travelers from the United States. The first-ever Travelers’ Choice Favorites awards for U.S. Airports honor travelers’ 5 favorite large domestic airports and 5 favorite medium domestic airports (based on their size classification by the FAA).



The Top 5 Large U.S. Airports



  1. Portland International Airport (PDX), Portland, Oregon



TripAdvisor traveler tip: The iconic, quirky carpeting in PDX has recently been replaced by a well-received, updated design. If you need any assistance while you’re there, the…

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