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Maximize Your Weekend Getaway With These Expert Tips

48 hours. That’s all you get for a typical weekend getaway. How do you make the most of every minute?
We asked professional travel bloggers for advice on planning short trips that are long on restorative value. The consensus is to take at least two days, and plan ahead, but be flexible. Just don’t forgo the opportunity!


  1. Choose a destination that suits your needs

Location, location, location! Do a bit of research and have a general idea of things you want to see, places you would like to spend time, ideas for nights out…and pick your base accordingly! There is nothing worse than traveling to somewhere you’ve always wanted to see with a limited amount of time available then spending half your time and money on busses or taxis.

Tom Widdows, My Travel Mission

Choose your destination and a getaway that requires less travel. The getaway could include…

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