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Hah: Delta Gate Agent Has Unconventional Response To Being Videotaped

Recently we’ve seen some airline videos go really viral, beyond what I think anyone could have imagined. You’d think that airline employees would be on their best behavior, knowing full well that their every move is being recorded when an incident occurs. For example, yesterday I wrote about how I was shocked that a Delta flight attendant said that a couple would go to jail and that their kids would be sent to foster care. Aside from it being an outright lie, you’d think she wouldn’t want herself being recorded saying that.

Well, today video footage has emerged of a Delta gate agent taking a very different approach to being filmed by a disgruntled passenger. While we don’t know the full story, it seems like a passenger is unhappy with the service he’s receiving, and requests a supervisor.

So what does the gate agent do? She very sarcastically tells the camera (“ladies and gentlemen”) that a supervisor was called 10 minutes ago, and also explains the unrealistic request that the passenger made. Check out the video here:

On one hand it seems really unprofessional to be this sarcastic in a customer service role, but on the other hand I guess it’s better than threatening to call the cops on passengers and/or sending them to jail. 😉

In all honesty, on some level I feel bad for airline employees increasingly being filmed by passengers, given that so many people think they’ll have the next viral story. At the same time, I truly think these recordings have been a cause for positive change in the industry. When cases of horrible customer service are recorded, airlines are now forced to take action and change their policies. So while I feel bad for all the good airline industry employees out there being recorded, I’d certainly argue that positive change has come from the incidents we’ve seen the past several weeks.

What do you make of this gate agent’s response to being filmed? Mile at a Time