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Cape Cod vs Martha’s Vineyard: Which Is Better?

Looking for an idyllic East Coast vacation spot this summer and umming and ahhing between Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard? Ripe with fresh seafood, stunning beaches, natural beauty, quaint main streets, wild parties, and plenty of lighthouses, the two locations could combine to make the ultimate summer spot. But, split them up and which is better — the Cape or the Vineyard? We decide by taking into account factors like accessibility, parties, food scene, beaches, and more. Let the (good-natured) battle begin!


Easiest to Reach


(Photo courtesy of Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism via Flickr)


Mike Hogan, innkeeper at Cape Cod’s Platinum Pebble Boutique, has a point with his take on getting to Martha’s Vineyard: “Why waste time messing around with a ferry, weather cancellations, and the chance of getting stuck on the island?” But while the seven-mile ferry journey to MV can be a…

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