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8 Ways to Drink like a Politico in Philadelphia

With the Democratic National Convention converging on Philly at the end of July, the Cradle of Liberty is once again the epicenter of American politics. While much has changed since that revolutionary summer of 1776 (and 1936, the last time the Dems nominated their presidential candidate here), The City of Brotherly Love remains America’s quintessential bar hop. Alex Pasquariello shows you how to drink like a politico in Philadelphia this summer.


The Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co.

(Photo Courtesy of Ed Newton)


The city is so stoked to be holding the Democratic National Convention July 25 through 28 that they managed to convince the Commonwealth to temporarily repeal a few of its draconian liquor laws for the event. During the convention bars won’t be required to make last call 2 am, meaning delegates can cut boozy deals into the wee hours. Add a late-nightcap at…

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