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7 Best Lisbon Hotels

I recently had the pleasure of spending four magical days in Lisbon. It’s a vast, vertiginous metropolis best explored by foot or yellow cable car, but plenty can be gleaned about the culturally-rich capital through its hotels. Design-centric, food-driven and steeped in history, Lisbon’s accommodations are not unlike the city itself, which has quietly emerged as one of Europe’s most dynamic —and affordable— spots over the past few years. Below, I’ve rounded up a handful of my favorites sleeps. Get packing.


The Independente Hostel & Suites


(Photo Courtesy of Francisco Nogueira)


It’s technically a hostel, but the Independente has so much swagger that you’ll swear you’re staying at an artsy-chic boutique hotel. Or at least I did, after wandering the hostel’s common areas, where soaring ceilings, vintage artwork, and quirky, mismatched furniture look like they’ve designed by filmmaker Wes Anderson. Upstairs, the dorms are…

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