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Pamper Yourself! Lisbon’s Best Spas for Maintaining Health, Beauty and Well-Being

Pamper Yourself! Lisbon's Best Spas for Maintaining Health, Beauty and Well-Being Wellness and pampering are high on the list of many when travelling to new destination. And for those seeking a little rest and relaxation in Portugal, there are some excellent spas in Lisbon that cater for the... Paul Bernhardt

New Planes May Help Combat Jet Lag

Few conditions for travelers are as insidious as jet lag. The experience can be worse than the worst hangover of your life, trigger nightmares, headaches, dry mouth, and worse. And yet according to one well-spoken industry expert, airlines finally... Read More » Magazine Posts by Sung,Di-Yen Interested in Cheap holiday

Irish Coffee Riff Drink Recipe

It’s no secret that here at Islands, we’re partial to rum. And while we’re fans of the typical Irish Coffee recipe, we figured adding rum could only improve it. We were… Interested in Cheap travel ? Click here for more details.