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Shore Leave: What to See and Do near Lisbon’s Cruise Port.

Shore Leave: What to See and Do near Lisbon's Cruise Port. Located near the Santa Apolónia cruise port in Lisbon are some of the city’s most impressive visitor attractions, many within easy walking distance. The engaging Estação Elevatória dos Barbadinhos is just ten... Paul Bernhardt Saturday, September 17th, 2016 on

Check-in – The Travel Guide | 24.09.2016 – Deutsche Welle

Check-in - The Travel Guide | 24.09.2016Deutsche WelleStandup Paddleboarding on the Baltic Sea, dancing at a beach bar and driving go-karts in Stuttgart. Check-in reviews presenter Lukas Stege's top travel experiences on the Baltic island of Rügen, in Berlin and Stuttgart. guide - Google News Interested in Best travel deals